Music of the Philippines Will Save Your Day

Just when you feel you are worn out and tired and nothing seems to soothe your morbid mind, listening to Philippine music may save your day and makes it fine.Music as we know, can inspire, edify or even lighten up a heavy spirit or a hackneyed heart – so don’t be down, just turn on your radio and beat that frown.You can certainly find a wholesome musical experience in an archipelago with more than seven thousand islands – the Philippines! With a touch of European, American, Spanish and indigenous cultures, Philippine music evolved with a sense of universality that goes beyond territorial boundaries.No wonder that even foreigners appreciate Filipino music. They love to listen to it because of its blend of various ideals and identities. From the southern regions, traditional music still lives and usually played with accompanying dances during fiestas and gatherings. Or in the northern part where a lot of indigenous music could be heard.In the Visayan regions, folk songs are still sung and what the folks there call “composo” – which is a song that tells of a story of war, of love or of any subject that are put into words and music – are usually played in local stations on Sundays or of men gathering in a nearby country store with their guitars.Whereas the likes of Kundiman, harana and rondalla which are Spanish – influenced and are popular in the olden times, are still in existence and are played on certain occasions especially in the barrios. Harana is famous in the rural places especially to young men courting young women.But if you are the type who likes lively and upbeat music, Philippine rock music are also in the list. Philippine hip – hop and RNB music certainly caters to those who are more inclined to soft and mellow moods.Further on the list of Philippine music are love songs written by famous and talented Filipino artist. Songs that can be considered as classics, since they have seen through – and have become a part of – different generations.Philippine music is unique – even though it’s a mixture of various cultures – since they are composed and sung in a purely Filipino way, that is, they show how a Filipino culture is like.The OPM or what is known as Original Pilipino Music reflects that Filipinos truly have a great passion for music. Aside from having a wonderful tune, OPM’s have an informative lyrics which tell of the realities happening in our society or in other parts of the world. They don’t only lift up the spirit but also they serve as venue for us to reflect – amidst the hustle and bustle of the day – that we are a part of a society where concern and care for others are greatly in need.The likes, for example of Freddie Aguilar – whose music and songs are really meaningful and soothing to listen to – who popularize the song “Anak” tells of a bitter reality that could befall a child who is drowned in drugs.And many more songs that we can say a truly Philippine music and has become a part of Filipinos’ everyday lives.

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